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Jurupa Valley K-8 STEM Academy

Inspiring Students to Learn and Succeed

Goals of the STEM Academy

Prepare students for JVHS STEM Pathways

Ensure High School Readiness

Parent & Community Engagement

High School Learning Readiness

Learning While Developing and Applying 21st Century Fluencies

21st Century Fluencies are developed through Inquiry Based Learning activites:

Solution Fluency: The ability to think creatively, solve problems in real time by clearly defining the problem, designing an appropriate solution, delivering the solution and then evaluating the process and the outcome.

Creative Fluency- The process by which artistic proficiency adds meaning through design, art, and storytelling. It is about using innovative design to add value to the function of a product though its form.

Collaboration Fluency- The ability to work cooperatively with virtual and real partners, in person and in an online environment, to solve problems and create original products.

Media Fluency- The ability to look analytically at any communication, interpret the real message, and evaluate the efficacy of the chosen medium. Students create original communications by aligning the message and audience though the most appropriate and effective medium.

Information Fluency- Students have the ability to unconsciously and intuitively interpret information in all forms and formats in order to extract the essential knowledge, authenticate it, and perceive its meaning and significance.

Preparing for Jurupa Valley High School STEM Pathways

Sustainable Agriculture:

  • Students learn that lifestlye choices affect the world around them and how to make choices with minimal impact on land, water, air and other natural resources.
  • Students learn about water quality, the effects of human activities on local water sources and how to test for water quality.  Students prticipte in local field trips to water treatment plants and Hidden Valley Wild Life area to study the positive and negative impact of human activites.
  • Through learning acitvities, students develop an appreciation and understanding of the enviroment and natural resources which fosters responsible global citizenship.
  • Activities prepare students for the Sustainable Agriculture pathway at JVHS, which allows them to earn water certifications in water treament, storage and usage.

Engineering Science:

  • Students participte in collabortive group work that enlists the engineering design process to investigte, evalaute, brainstorm, problem solve and test solutions to probelms or challenges.
  • Learning activities prepare students for the Engineering pathways at JVHS.

Computer Science:

  • Students participte in coding activities which provide opporunites to learn through play and experimentation.
  • Students prticipate in the annual Hour of Code event sponsored by, a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding access to computer science.
  • 8th grade students can take the Essentials of Computer Science class, where they learn to build apps.
  • Learning prepares students for Computer Science and Engineering pathways at JVHS.


Building Industry Technology Academy(BITA):

  • Students participte in design and build projects.
  • Students have opportunities to learn basic tool use and safety measures.
  • 8th grade students may complete the introdutory BITA course prior to high school.
  • Learning experinces lay the groundwork for the BITA pathway at JVHS which prepares students for careers in architecture, engineering and construction.

3 Core Elements:

Inquiry Based Learning:

Students are actively engaged in learning and discovering new concepts while using technology.

Building Relationships:

Students engage in shared field and mentoring experiences with JVHS STEM students, teachers and community partners.

Field Experience:

Through ongoing positive mentor interactions and learning experiences, students develop an appreciate for the community, its natural resources, and become responsible global citizens. 

Parenting and Community Engagement

Parent Engagement:

Introduce parents to ways they can support student learning and participate in shared leadership and decision making via Parents for Quality Education (PIQE), School Site Council (SSC), Parent-Teacher Student Association (PTSA), and Enlgish Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC).

Mentoring and Community Involvement:

Students connect with JVHS mentors and other community members. City and local businesses representatives are invited to share experinces and information with our students.